What is colposcopy?

A colposcope is a microscope used to magnify the cervix and vagina 2-40 times. Colposcopy is the process of examining the cervix using a colposcope and special dyes.

Who is colposcopy performed on?

It is most commonly performed for abnormal smears. A positive HPV test is also an important reason for colposcopy.

Indications include abnormal screening tests, abnormal cervix with the naked eye, persistent and unexplained discharge, bleeding after intercourse, menstrual bleeding before the expected time, history of genital cancer such as vulvar and vaginal cancer, presence of warts in the sexual area, pre-cancerous lesions (CIN) on the cervix and conditions suspected by the physician.

Colposcopy is a detailed examination of the cervix. More attention should be paid to the areas indicated by the dyes applied. After the procedure, tissue samples (biopsy) can be taken where necessary. The samples should be sent for pathological examination under appropriate conditions.

General anesthesia is not required for colposcopy. The cervix is an area with little pain sensation. The procedure can be performed quickly and painlessly with small biopsy tools.