It is started after the first 24-48 hours following the operation. It varies depending on the patient’s tolerance and is applied for 10-14 days. During this period, foods that create minimal stimulation in the gastrointestinal tract should be preferred and the foods should be in liquid form. A patient’s meal should last between 60 and

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    This final stage should promote healthy eating for life. Protein intake is important and must be taken in sufficient quantities together with natural foods. It is important that solid and liquid foods are not consumed together at this stage and in the following period, in order not to increase the stomach volume. In addition, using

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    Postoperatively, after the patient’s oral intake is opened, it is started within the first 24-48 hours. The patient’s time to consume the meal should be 15 minutes and the volume to be consumed during this time should be 30 ml. The aim at this stage is to start bowel movements after the operation and to

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