Filyos Medical Center

As the Filyos Health Center team, we ensure that our patients receive the best health services in the region in the best way. In the process that starts immediately after contacting our team, we start the care and treatment of our patients with the most accurate interventions in the fastest way. In this planning process, where we inform our patients at every stage, we pay utmost attention to the principles of protection of personal data and information security. Our patients are treated by specialist doctors who have proven themselves in Turkey with the most accurate method and the most technological devices. Keeping the satisfaction of our patients at the highest level both before and after treatment is the basis of our company policy


Filyos Health Center; It provides the most successful treatment to patients who want to regain their health in the fastest and safest way after contacting our team.


At every moment of our work; Being aware that the most important asset that human beings have is health, we offer the most appropriate treatment to each of our patients and support them in every process starting from before treatment. Our greatest happiness is to mediate the healing of our patients and to help them in the process they are experiencing.