Placenta Accreata-Previa

Abnormal placental attachment is the most important known birth risk. When the placenta is located in the cervix, it is called placenta previa. Placenta accreta occurs when the placenta adheres abnormally to the uterine wall and has difficulty detaching. These two conditions can also occur together. The consequences are very dangerous bleeding.


The factors that cause placenta accreta are not known for certain. However, there are some factors that increase the risk of placenta accreta during pregnancy. The main ones are

Placenta previa in previous births

Multiple cesarean sections

Infertility treatment

The mother is over 35 years old

Previous miscarriage or abortion

Previous hysterectomies

Multiple pregnancies are possible

Use of harmful substances such as smoking.


Early diagnosis of placenta accreta is very important. It can cause excessive bleeding during labor. In case of early diagnosis, the physician plans for this problem. In patients with placenta acreata, delivery must be performed by caesarean section. If the mother has severe bleeding during cesarean section and the bleeding cannot be stopped, it may be possible to resort to hysterectomy. Blood transfusion is necessary if the mother loses blood during labor. In order to protect the health of mother and baby, reduce the possibility of blood transfusion and prevent bleeding, management of placenta acreata, placenta previa percreata pregnancies should be performed by a team including a gynecologist oncologist.