Puree DIET

At 3-4th weeks postoperatively, 120 ml of food is administered at intervals of 60-90 minutes to the patient. At this stage, the foods are prepared in puree form and meet the protein and other nutritional requirements of the patient. Food should not be too hot or too cold; it should be close to body temperature, chewed well.

Liquid should not be consumed with meals in order to prevent the stomach from expanding. Approximately 30 minutes should be waited for post-meal fluid consumption. During this period, protein needs may not be fully met with food. Protein supplements should be continued to be used, 60 grams of protein per day for women and 90

grams of protein for men should be provided. Eggs (the yolk should be separated, only the white should be consumed), cottage cheese, low- fat cheese, steamed fish, chicken, vegetable purees that will not cause gas and distension can be given to patients. In the 2nd week of the puree diet, lean ground beef, ground twice, can also be added to the diet. The important point is that the meals are prepared by increasing their protein content.