Nutrition plays an important role in the prevention, delay and treatment of age-related diseases. In old age, it is important that the individual’s intake of vitamins, minerals and protein is sufficient due to reasons such as increased incidence of chronic diseases, decreased body resistance and restriction of physical activity.

It is important to consume 4 basic food groups in daily nutrition. In addition, a variety of foods in the same group should be provided.


-The number of meals should be individualized.

-Nutrient diversity should be provided.

-Sufficient amount of protein should be consumed.

-Sugar consumption should be limited.

-Pulp consumption should be supported by increasing the consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

-Salt and sodium intake should be limited.

-To prevent the risk of osteoporosis, foods with high calcium content such as milk, yogurt and cheese should be consumed.

-Consume an average of 2-3 liters of water a day.